New Music Video! Shyste & Deejay Tone – The Hurt File

Check out the newest music video from Shyste and Deejay Tone from the forthcoming album “Climate Control Winter Edition” being released 02/16/13

Produced by: Vanderslice
Cuts by : Nate The Great
Additional Production by: DeeJay Tone
Mastered By: PJ Katz for “Fat Buckle Audio”

Featuring Appearances By: Animal Cracker, Mista Pigz, Mic Lanny, Brova Bri, Jason Hughes, & Heath Mendrysa
Filmed by: Frank Appio (Flux Axiom)

Additional thanks to: Erica Patrie, Mike Valente, Upstate Black-n-Blue, and Hoodlum Fight Gear


One Comment on “New Music Video! Shyste & Deejay Tone – The Hurt File

  1. First off, thanks for the miaotroncl posts =)Regarding hearing the ascending changes starting at :09, then on :11, :13, etc. is a low G note on the cello, correct? Lower notes seem harder to distinguish when their pitch varies there is more room or allowance for variance and yet remain as that pitch (not to mention there is a lot of sonic clutter there in the piece).Try hearing a higher reference tone At :14, :16, :18, etc, you can hear the D more clearly.. there are 7 of them sounds to me like the first one at :14 is at 0, the next two are the same at one-53 step higher, then the next two are the same but one more 53-step higher, like this0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1It’s very subtle tho. I’m taking an ear training course to develop my perfect (absolute) pitch hearing, so maybe later it will become clearer.But finally, I must add there is a VIBRATO on the notes!! So then the pitch is wavering up and down as it is, further muddying the ability to distinguish the pitches =) Dunno if you programmed the vibratos to re-trigger freshly with each attack, or whether the LFO is already oscillating below, and so each new note catches the vibrato at some random place/pitch in turn randomizing the starting pitch of each new note, coupled with any already programmed pitch bend inherent in the cello patch.Either way, because of the closeness of pitches in 53-step, a vibrato is therefore much bigger in 53 than in 12-tone ET.

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