Animal Cracker 3257148566_40590ca47e_b-200x300

Born and raised in upstate New, York. Animal Cracker has been putting his 2 cents in since 1999.

Me and my boys used to pass time smoking blunts and freestyling…
Eventually we became a crew. We had mad different names from Sin Squad to Sin Militants to Lost Poets now Final Word Records

In addition to his solo projects Animal Cracker also has many group projects.

  • Rawtopsy- Animal Cracker and Jack of All Trades
  • Animal Powers – Animal Cracker and Ed Powers
  • Neighborhood Creeps-Animal Cracker and Mista Pigz
  • The Death Trap-Animal Cracker and The Fact
  • Forced Entry-Animal Cracker and Mic Lanny
  • And many many more.

(please don’t take offense if not listed there is just too many side projects to list)

He hit the stage for the first time in 2007 at the Kings Tavern in Saratoga, New York with Flux Axiom.
Ever since then he has opened for the likes of -Wu tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, House Of Pain, La Coka Nostra, Masta Ace and once again many many more

He has put out numerous albums and mix tapes.
You can listen and/or purchase them from the discography and shop pages of this website……


BT Killer 403557_837369677472_177662402_n

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DeadWrong 006

Who are you? And where are you from?

Jerald Rhoades aka Dead Wrong aka a complete scumbag. I was born in Pittsfield, MA and moved to Hudson, NY when I was young and kept moving ever since but remained in the 518. After my father died when I was 12 I was placed into foster care and group homes because I became too much for my mother to handle. I always getting into shit like B&E’s, helping to steal cars and fighting. The foster homes/group homes couldn’t hold me I kept going AWOL (as they put it) and ended up with charges that lead to me getting sent to D.F.Y’s. I was released when I was 16 and thought I was the shit had that chip on my shoulder which landed me in state prison at 17 for a 2-4 yrs. bid after being caught for a string of robberies and leading the cops on a high speed chase in a stolen car. After getting out and not learning my lesson I caught another case for stealing a safe out of the town’s treasures house in Philmont, NY. and ended up with a 1–3yrs. Bid. After my release in 2002 I vowed not to go back. I crafted my rhyming skills while in the D.F.Y’s after watching a cypher where some kid was banging on the table like they were drums and dudes where freestyling to it. That’s when I decided that I was going to do that and started writing and jumped into the cyphers and even though I was half ass they still showed me love and that made me want to get better so I kept at it and that’s what we have today, an emcee with raw lyrics and a fuck you attitude.

How did you get involved with F Word Records?

I linked up with Chamber’s and recorded a song called “Lay it down” he then proceeded to show my music to Animal Cracker who wanted to meet, so Chamber’s hooked up a few collabs with us and I came thru to Cracker’s house to record and one thing lead to another and now I’m a member of Final Word and damn proud of it. This is more than music, even though that’s how it started out these men have become my brothers.

What are your goals in life or in hip hop?

My only goal is to be able to feed my family off this rap shit. I may not be the greatest emcee in the world but I’m way better than 70% of the rapper’s you hear today and I want to be compensated for it god damn it!

Who/What are your influences?

I would have to say coming up it was Onyx, Method-Man, Rakim, Big L, Lord Finesse, Shyhiem the rugged child, Nas, B.I.G., Redman, Kool G Rap, Das Efx, Boot Camp Click, N.W.A and Bone thugs.

But if we’re talking modern times I would say Vinnie Paz, Reef the lost cause, Snowgoons, Slaine, Sean Price, Rustee Juxx, Crooked I, Royce the 5’9”, Eminem, Saigon, M.O.P., and Copywrite.

What do you love about Hip-Hop?

It’s the feeling I get when I hear a banging beat, or when an emcee says something that has me bugging the fuck out. I love voicing my opinion and hip hop lets me do that while being creative. Being able to grab a mic and express yourself in front of a crowd of people and they embrace you is such a phenomenal feeling. It’s kind of addictive.

What is something no one would know about you unless you told them?

I’m not telling cause then you’ll know

What are some of your achievements in hip hop?

Not much as of yet but I have opened up for Pacewon and Mr. Green and Heavy Metal Kings so I’m off to a good start.


Deejay Tone tone

Here’s a little story I got to tell….

Born and raised in the diverse cultural mecca which is N.Y.C., this up and coming D.J. has clearly been influenced by the city in which he grew up in. Tone’s love for music began at an early age when he was exposed to a vast variety of music as a child. “My mom listed to a lot of classic soul and R&B, while my father listened to everything ranging from classical to country”, he states. Tone started playing with records at the mere age of 13 and was largely influenced by the turntablism aspects of instrumental hip-hop. Tone began building his already large record collection as a young teen hitting up record spots at any chance he could get. One of the first records he purchased was Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” and from the moment the needle hit the record, my man Tone was in love. Starting by DeeJaying parties for friends, his natural ability to move a crowd with his music was apparent. The reception he would receive when he would spin was inspiring and gave him the drive and passion to make the very music he carries with him today.

DeeJaying parties was not enough, as time passed he decided he wanted more. He had met a local college radio DJ for Albany’s own 90.9 WCDB, who took unrecognized, raw, talent and put them on the air. Tone took the initiative and was asked to appear weekly, bringing the underground soulful flavors to Albany’s airwaves. Also appearing at various night spots, and bars, Tone held down the area with music, without question. Throughout the years, Tone met some other cats in the area who wanted to make a dent in the game. Unknown to him, there was already an established networking of artists taking place in his home town. Pitch Control Music. Pitch Control Music, or PCM is not a label, its not a management team, and its not a crew. It’s just an idea. No one connected, covered, or cared about 5ive 1ne 8ight hip-hop enough to start something like that. So they did. PCM is a molehill, an ejector seat, a network. And its here for you. Emcees. DeeJays. Beatsmiths. B-Boys. B-Girls. Dorks. Jocks. Skirts. Freaks. YOU. Over time, proving his extensive musical knowledge, professionalism, and loyalty time and time again, DeeJay Tone has become a mainstay of the movement. Be sure to watch out for up and coming DeeJay Tone releases as well as releases from the entire Network. Bio Written By: D.M.C


Ed Powers blazincaucasion2

Where are you / where are you from?

Born and raised in Albany,New York.

How did you get involved with F Word Records?

Well myself,S.P.O.D, Animal Cracker, Flux and Vise Versa were already a close nit circle of friends who had a passion and love for hip-hop and recording. i mean, we needed something to do while we were drinking and we always used to just throw bangers get fucked up and have awesome freestyle sessions. so we decided to make something of it and truly express who we were in the 518 and put ourselves on the map musically. We did it for fun and we still do it for fun… for OUR shelves. we always took it seriously too tho. and we wanted the 518 hiphop communitty to know that we were all in.

What are some of your achievements?

being a founding father with my close friends and dope talent to give you what you see now….FinalWord Records.

What are your goals?

to keep just being me. Grow up but never grow old.never forget where you came from but also never forget where your at. Never lose touch with my music and why i do it. Live a stable financial life with a wife, dog, kids…u kno, all that american dreamin shit. if i dont make money ever off of my music or hiphop its not really gonna bother me. i do this for me and my friends. the general public liking and accepting it is just a plus. And i definately do appreciate it!!!!

What are your influences?

The Vinylcologist, Don Smog, Mic Mangla, Animal Cracker, Friends, Shyste, Jack Of All Trades, DJ Raw Threat. PJ Katz, Drugs, Women,Money, Sneakers, Graffitti Art, Poetry, Nas, Sean Price and the whole Boot Camp Klick, MF Doom, Adult Swim, Comedy and Horror Flicks

What do you love about hip hop?

That theres so many elements involved that today people forget about….Graffitti Art,, Skateboarding, Djing, Sneakers, the more and more you think about it HipHop is all around you. when you see a fresh pair of kicks. Or 20 inch bladez rolling on an impala or any vehicle for that matter. bumping 15 inch kickers in your backseat waking everyone up at night just bcuz u want to be but i also love that its still around when people thought it would be just a fad like disco. that thier is always a message involved…that it is totally different than COMMERCIAL RAP!!!!!!

What is something funny about yourself?

I always wondered why farts smelled so much more potent when your in a hot

What is a story of an experience you had?

got to scoop up Q-Unique from the Arsonists and roll down to a Immortal Technique show lastminute cuz Q was in alb for the night. he was touring with Korn and wasnt able to get across the border so he was in Albany and my brother happened to link with him on twitter and instagram. so i picked him up in my 99 maxima and we seen the show. after chilling with him i got the chance to blaze with him and see how he makes beats and new stuff hes working on for future projects makin network connects and such.

What do you sound like?

your adrenaline rushing thru your veins right before your about to knock someones teeth down their throat while making fun of  your grandmas cat who shits on your neck while your asleep!

What is something no one would know about you unless you told them?

I have type 1 Diabetes. (Whens tha last time you heard a funky Diabetic?!?!?!)

Something random

I Always Wondered how shitty and bland life would be if there was no such thing as Music or Form of Expression

Who do you give props to?

My Family, Friends, Brothers and Sistas, Weed, Comaderie, Women, Late night studio Sessions, My Liver, Alcohol, The man upstairs. The man Downstairs, Cigs and whatever i


Fact 560208_4615612026935_236318082_n

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Flux Axiom 199223_10152117929600290_1586167938_n1

Flux Axiom is from all over the capital district of upstate NY and currently resides in the Helderberg Mountains. Flux has been making music for two decades and founded F Word Records in 2007 with the help of Animal Cracker and several other artists. Most of his achievements are outside the musical genre as Flux is an established multimedia artist and digital guru. Flux is a much bigger nerd than he appears to be. He is also a long practicing Taoist sage, a Mensa member, and many other weird things you would probably have to Google.

I came up with my name when I was young and incarcerated, by reading the entire dictionary. I literally found my two favorite words out of the whole english language… I had a lot of time on my hands back then. I do miss having leisure time. But I don’t miss much else, besides just hanging out with friends and starting a cypher. Life is better now, and we still rap. To come up from my past, and the horrible shit I’ve endured, to what my life is now – traveling the world, doing what I love, enjoying life – I can’t imagine I’ll have a greater achievement in my lifetime. I’m just grateful for the second chances, and I try to stay humble and remember what I’ve been through. Oh and I keep making music no matter what. Nerd-trip-hop. With a splash of soul and a dash of horror movie. As Animal Cracker would say – Cheers


IB 598488_551563861524909_1555256087_n

Isaac Berry also known as IB
Born and raised in Schenectady N.Y.
Has been a recording artist since 2010
His influences include House of Pain, Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill, A.O.T.P, Non Fixion
But don’t be fooled, I.B. has been a lyricist since 1999.

After being introduced to Animal Cracker ten years later he was quickly linked into Final Word.

Since then IB has opened up for the likes of Slaine, Ill Bill and Necro plus many others for the 518.

With many releases to come, IB is an emcee to look out for.


Icabod Chang 30957_3862857097609_601998881_n

The Headless Shogun is a wandering Ronin from a lost clan Residing In upstate, Albany New York recruited by the Final Word Clan roughly 07′-08′ .. Since joining the movement he has utilized his grim underground super agressive verbal assassin sword style to slice through hundreds of tracks and has worked with many known underground artist including Beretta 9″Kinetic” of Wu-Tang Killarmy, Solomon Childs and many many more.. Sinced the late 90’s he has rapped under several alliace names and at the present time is workin on several different projects with different Artist Including his Final Word Family.


Mic Lanny green lens

An Albany native, Mic Lanny (Mike Lanahan) began rapping in his early 20’s. As a member of Final Word Records, Lanny has worked with many other area artists. Mic Lanny has performed and recorded tracks with numerous artists around the world, and his collaborations have led an international network of talented MCs. Mic Lanny has performed with acts such as Slaine, Iron Solomon, Vinnie Paz, Block McCloud, Ill Bill and Styles P just to name a few. While his style has been influenced by many of the greats of the mid-90s, Lanny has garnered recognition for his hard hitting flows and stylistic delivery.


Mista Pigz IMG_4278

I Patrick McVeigh aka Mista Pigz grew up in a small town in upstate New York called Wappingers falls. Heavily influenced by the hip hop of the 90’s I became a dedicated fan of the music as a teen. I began making mixtapes for parties and friends (usually stealing the CDs from the nearest shopping mall) and traveling to venues to catch underground hip hop shows. I picked up the pen at age 16 when I got stuck inside a 28 day treatment facility but wasn’t untill 2004 that I started recording songs up in a studio. I reunited with an old friend from the neighborhood who had a spot in his basement.Me and my homie Actual Facts put our first track together which started the beginning of a group we called All Pro. I linked up with two more high school buddies Mike iLL and Joey G which became the other half of the group. We did our first live show in Poughkeepsie around the summer of 04. The group broke up after a short run due to Actual Facts moving out of state. Me and Mike iLL formed another group with a emcee named Blam Blake who Mike met in the town he was living in. Me , Mike iLL , and Blam Blake along with Actual Facts formed the group known as State Live.The crew started working on the full length album titled “A Wonderful Game” while traveling out to PA and other towns for live shows. Just before the end of the project, Mike iLL left New York and the crew had to call it quits before the album release.I had been up in Albany after hearing the news of the split and was heartbroken but knew that I must continue pursuing my love for making music. It was then I decided to come out as a solo artist and started compiling songs for a mixtape titled “Prepare for Lift Off”. During the making of this mixtape I met Flux Axiom who was one of the creators of a small label known as Final Word Records. I was invited to catch a performance they were doing up at Northern Lights and when I arrived they said they needed another artist to open up the show. I eagerly accepted and hit the stage with the members of The Lost Poets. After that night I established a new bond with the guys that would remain tight to this day.I crafted my first studio album called “Caught Up In The Cap City” with the backing of my new friends over at Final Word Records. It was then that I was asked to be a part of the family. Since then I have worked on a number of tracks with Animal Cracker , forming a dynamic duo known as the Neighborhood Creeps. I have also put out a couple albums , “Lights Out” with super producer RAW Threat and “Exhale” with the amazing DJ Tone. I have been featured on tons of collabs and compilatons put together by the label and have opened up for some of the great names in hip hop that WE love. The Wu-Tang Clan, La Coka Nostra , Redman and Method Man , Vinny Paz and ILL Bill , Immortal Technique , Pacewon , Slaine , RA the Rugged Man. I live for hip hop and don’t plan on stopping so keep your ear to the streets because the team is far from finished . FINAL WORD.


Pleatherface 14585_481709028538472_1033091665_n

Pleatherface is from Baltimore, Maryland. He’s been rhyming since 1996. He used to be an FX artist in Hollywood but now he is the CEO of Mourningside Productions, an independent film company specializing in horror films and music videos. He is 1/3 of the 23rd Spring and 1/2 of Mazalium. Be on the lookout for his new solo album dropping this spring. He will also be releasing a new line of pretty girl masks for fat guys to wear during slumber party lingerie pillow fights, for real.


Raw Threat 150628_10200119392413396_118106178_n

One of the founding Fathers of Final Word records. This cat blesses Final Word as well as the 518 with that hard hitting production. Rawthreat got his star on the dj scene in the mid 90’s. while he was in high school he started slinging his mix tapes and nasty blends to all those real hip hop fans. One night, while watching the homie ,PJ Katz blast out a candyman sample on the EPS-16+ Threat was hooked. Got some money up and got himself an EPS. By the time he started making those bangers life caught up with him and he has his 1st child. Threat took 7 years way from the 518 scene but came back with a vengeances with tracks on Flux Axium 1st album as well as Animal Crackers 1st joint. Some of his past work includes an ep with Sev Statik, an ep with Mista Pigs And a full length Album with Shyste called Area (51)8 due out some time this year. You can hear Rawthreat beats on a large number of Artist from the 518. 2013 hopes to be that break out year for him as he has a lot of beats out to artist all over the hip hop scene. If you need beats hit this dude up!


Scott Chambers 318403_875790531772_1867478024_n

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Shyste 318403_875790531772_1867478024_n

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Zac Roc 324327_533630180307_237697996_o

Formerly “Zyklon A,” Zach works predominantly in video production. Initially filming live performances and comedy shorts for FWORD Records, Zach’s goal became to produce music videos that would both complement the artists and create new collaborative vision. Appearing sparsely on tracks for the past 6 years, Zach is most audibly known for his “The Freestyle 365” project where he maintained a video journal of freestyles for 1 year.