Hurt File Outtakes Promo

Watch the hilarious outtakes from the upcoming “Hurt File” Music Video from Shyste and Deejay Tone

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  1. I’ll just leave some of the Facebook comments here and be on my way then. I didn’t want to beivele that you guys would make a joke about one of your actors being attacked, and I’m unimpressed that you chose to do so. I like your light-hearted spreading of joy far better. This was neither fun nor entertaining, it was just hurtful, concerning, and ultimately disappointing. I fell for it but I was actually really apalled by the fact that Jar Jar thought that HE was the victim. I was hoping that he would have got in trouble for being an idiot. The reason the fake funeral was funny was because it was so over the top that there was no it way it would have possibly been staged for real (unless the team was just monumentally stupid). Assault while out on a mission is a very real possibility, especially in a city like New York, where citizens aren’t exactly well known for their calm demeanor and willingness to tolerate strangers getting in their face.I’ve got to fall on the not funny side of this coin you guys do awesome work, but I don’t see what’s so funny about messages of concern from your fans. I think this was an awful prank to pull. To make it up to those who hated the joke, you guys have to make another improve! One with dancing! After the fact I do think it’s funny. Watching it last night I found it was disturbing There’s absolutely nothing funny about street crime or violence. This was in the poorest taste. Yea, to go with what everyone else was saying that’s really not a smart thing to do let alone cool or funny. Someone could easily have gotten hurt or something. We don’t fuck around like that in NY. This just proves how hard it is for a comedic website to pull off an April Fools joke. Not cool guys, I was seriously worried about the guy in the costume. Plus if somebody actually did recognize those three guys they could have called the cops and gotten them into big trouble. I’ve got not problem with you guys making a scene for laughs, but faking violence in a public place it not a good idea, especially since the news seems to always have stories about bullying and attacks like this. I don’t follow the movie/TV/video game violence comparisons. You go into those with something called a willing suspension of disbelief you know it isn’t real, that there are stuntmen and precautions being taken and that people are rarely hurt.But, IE builds all their scenes in reality what we see on the videos is usually the real reactions of the people that happen to be part of the prank at the time. It’s not unreasonable to think that an actual assault could take place and that’s why people are upset it’s not that they don’t have a sense of humor. It’s that they love this group and were worried when they thought a part of the team had been injured. Finding out that IE has manipulated that love for a prank would make anyone upset. Saw this in the morning at about 6:30. Terrible way to start the day and the comments that people posted made me feel even worse. Don’t really feel like it fit the spirit of Improv Everywhere. Hope next year’s April Fools is better. Seriously though, I hope the team uses all this negative feedback in a positive way. You’re an AWESOME team that pulls off some really great stuff. Don’t channel that creativity into stunts that make people feel emotionally manipulated. Shows like Punk’d already do that FAR too well. IE is better than that you’re all about making people’s otherwise ordinary lives a little brighter. Keep doing what we all know you’re good at, and leave the tasteless pranks to Kutcher.

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