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website guide:




Our front page player with leaked tracks usually found nowhere else, and the most recent blog posts. The home page also includes an integrated search engine, and a quick view of upcoming events.


Full preview of the dozens of albums we have released, as well as links to purchase, and download some for free!


A biography, contact information, and links for all the artists involved with Final Word Records. Click on an artists photo to search the site for all their content.


An extensive list of music videos featuring Final Word artists.


Detailed information on upcoming shows and events. Click on an artist or venue to view website / more info.


Albums of photos as uploaded by our members.


Where to buy all the merch! Click Shop to see all our items, or hover over the link for cart and account options.


Subscribe for all the latest F Word news! Use the subscription form on the blog page, or add the RSS feed at the bottom of every page to your favorite e-reader.


Links to our affiliated musicians and businesses.


How to ~



Use links in the shop or on the album pages (click albums, and then click the album you want) to purchase albums. Use the download code that you will be sent immediately after payment in the form on the albums page that says download code. For mixtapes and most EP’s there is a free code on the album page already, simply enter it to download.


Click shop and click on the item you would like to purchase or simply click add item to cart. To checkout or view cart, view the menu items by hovering over SHOP but not clicking it. Follow the instructions to submit your payment. Thank you!


A Few more tips ~

Login and leave comments or share media with your preferred social network login.

Help Yourself! Use the search bar located on nearly all pages of the website. Navigate to this guide buy typing help or guide. Enter an artists name to see everything that they have worked on, or enter any term to filter the entire site.

The Facebook link at the bottom of every page will bring you to the Final Word Records Facebook page. The Twitter link searches Twitter for the term Final Word so you can quickly see everything people are saying about #FinalWord

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